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Artificial Intelligence

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& chatbot solutions

Transform the way your business provides customer service with Saguna Consulting’s Conversational AI and Chatbot solutions. Our user-friendly chatbot solutions take full advantage of Saguna Consulting’s best-in-class AI capabilities to deliver delightful user experiences that are near-human like.
Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) models to automate customer interactions, your business will be able to provide real-time, personalized customer experiences across multiple languages.
Deliver delightful user experiences that are near-human like.
Combining powerful data with deep NLP and ML, our conversational AI solutions learn from and understand the personality of each individual that sends a message, further enabling your business to engage with customers in a meaningful way at scale.
Give your customers easy access to lightning-fast support whenever, wherever. Your customers want service now, 24 / 7 / 365, and ensuring an impactful experience is everything! With Saguna Consulting’s intelligent conversational AI and chatbot solutions, you can offer your customers more:
  • Personalized, immediate support
  • Tailored, live messaging
  • Engaging follow-up messages
  • Targeted re-engagement
  • Super-fast answers to FAQs
  • Self-serve help articles
  • Proactive support with tips, updates and insights
  • Interactive product walkthroughs
  • Convenient support across multiple devices
Saguna Consulting’s intuitive conversational AI solutions mean your customers get more, and so do you:
  • Unrivaled customer-winning support offerings
  • Increase engagement and customer loyalty
  • Drive more revenue and stronger ROI
  • Laser-focus staff towards higher value engagements
  • Gain deeper understanding of your customers

machine learning

Employing Machine Learning (ML) as the engine that powers AI and Automation, Saguna Consulting develops and delivers unrivaled, full-cycle AI software that is near-human. Our ML and AI algorithms are tailored to your requirements and challenges to drive faster time-to-market and stronger returns on investment.
Engineer your brightest future with data-backed machine learning.
Our expert team of ML consultants will work with you to scope out your project and work with you all the way from proof-of-concept to data preparation, model training, deployment, and ongoing optimization and support. Empowering your business with AI and ML enables you to make previously unattainable predictions and insights with intelligent, data-backed forecasts and predictive analytics.
To help you unlock your data’s full potential, let us know what challenges you’re facing. We’ll help you engineer the brightest future for your company.

QA automation

Saguna Consulting offers QA Automation among other Testing as a Service solutions to maximize your business costs and software development efficiency.
Optimize your business with Saguna Consulting’s Quality Assurance (QA) Automation and Testing as a Service solutions. We’ll help you deploy error-free applications faster in the increasingly complex application lifecycle.
Close the gap between testing and development.
Targeting your business costs and software development efficiencies, we use bleeding-edge automation technologies to provide robust automation frameworks capable of meeting the most demanding scalable testing requirements.
By interfacing with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Development (CD) tools, we can optimize your software development processes, closing the gap between testing and development.
Our QA Automation services and solutions include:
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Cybersecurity testing
  • Usability testing
  • Integrational testing
  • Service integration testing
  • API testing
  • Source code unit testing
  • Compatibility testing
Contact us to discover how our QA Automation services can drive decision making efficiency in your business.

robotic process

Laser-focus and augment your business using Saguna Consulting’s AI and Automation solutions to discover, measure, analyze, streamline and transform repetitive processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Saguna Consulting's RPA solutions allow you to optimize for countless efficiencies for your business that are fast, easily updated, and do not require large infrastructure investment.
Turn automation into advantage with robotic process automation.
By automating repetitive tasks in your business, you can eliminate the need for highly regulated manual processes. Our RPA solutions also enable full leverage over the user interface of your existing systems across desktop, web and mobile by mimicking human user interaction.
Accomplish more with our RPA solutions:
  • Reduce risk of human errors
  • Maximize your team's time
  • Conduct parallel process execution
  • Capture and extract value from intelligent data
  • Measure, analyze and transform processes
  • Value-mine across your business
  • Streamline repetitive processes
  • Source code unit testing
  • Compatibility testing
Automate and optimize your business today with Saguna Consulting’s RPA solutions!
Reduce your business costs with cutting-edge AI automation.
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