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Data & Analytics

optimized data migration

Migrate and transform your data from on-premises to a cloud-based database using Saguna Consulting’s Optimized Data Migration services.
Transform your data with enterprise grade cloud migration services.
We ensure a smooth, seamless, and secure transition for your data, including enterprise data (storage and databases), applications, legacy systems, and business processes
Securely migrate your data with our migration services:
  • Data Migration Planning
  • Implementation Consulting
  • Data Validation
  • Cutover
  • Steady-State

data workload migration

Shift your existing Data and Analytics solutions to the cloud to achieve hyper-focused agility. We’ll help you successfully migrate existing data and analytics workloads to the cloud, allowing you to:
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Deliver superb differentiation
  • Vastly increase scalability
Reduce time-to-market. Deliver differentiation. Increase scalability.
Saguna Consulting’s Workload Migration services are tailored to your business. Your goals are our targets:
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Increasing business agility
  • Recapturing valuable resources
  • Enabling you to focus on core business operations
Our Workload Migration services retain full integrity of enterprise resources and assets during seamless transition to the cloud and reduce your business’s need for internal IT teams.

data platform development

Take control over your data with an enterprise-grade encrypted Data Platform. Saguna Consulting will build an end-to-end platform that securely stores and provides intelligent analysis for your data.
Take full control. Turn your data into actionable insights.
With our Data Platform Development solutions, your data is accessible and available at all times, providing insights into your business. Our custom platforms are tailored to your business’s requirements to help you reduce repetitive processes and streamline cross functional operations.
Outperform traditional data platforms with Saguna Consulting:
  • Unlimited control and ownership over your data
  • Convenient anytime, anywhere access — 24 / 7 / 365
  • Custom-built, tailored tools and analytics modules
  • Actionable insight reports to edge out the competition
  • Continued support and optimization

intelligent data analytics tooling

Capture the full value of your data with our intelligent Data Analytics Tooling solutions. Comprehensive data is the foundation for driving smarter business, and Saguna Consulting is at the forefront.
Data is the foundation for driving smarter business. Take the wheel.
We’ll introduce new tools to your business that provide actionable insights and result in a deeper understanding of your data.
  • Drastically improve development speeds
  • Better understand your team and customers
  • Pinpoint areas to reduce costs and streamline operations
  • Rapidly adjust to market changes
  • Expand your business's flexibility
Transform your data and improve the way your business operates with a secure Data Platform and intelligent Analytics Toolkit.
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