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Testing as a Service

QA consulting

By implementing a tailored Quality Assurance (QA) strategy designed to meet our clients’ needs, Saguna Consulting enables companies from multiple industries to overcome all kinds of testing challenges.
Establish a sustainable and systematic quality assurance process.
As part of our tailored QA consulting strategies, we offer several collaboration schemes designed to provide comprehensive coverage of software testing workflows. We also provide a comprehensive coverage of all faulty aspects in each case we consult. Working in tandem, these offerings ensure that the varying objectives and needs of each of our clients are met and exceeded every day.
As a means to maximize the efficiency of your QA, Saguna Consulting will help you establish a comprehensive and systematic quality assurance process. During that process, we will deep dive into your legacy workflows and identify ways for them to be restructured to fit the new environment as a means to optimize your cost without hindering quality.

software lifecycle

Saguna Consulting improves the quality of your software by identifying non-anticipatable bugs and defects. Committed to providing you with a complete and integrated service package, we conduct thorough testing throughout the entire lifecycle of your software, beginning with the early stages development before critical issues may occur.
Reduce your development time by identifying bugs and defects before critical issues occur.
Our end-to-end coverage covers all types of testing, providing total transparency throughout the process. Our testing coverages are also closely aligned with your business and development processes to ensure such a high-level of transparency and accountability.

managed QA

Saguna Consulting’s high quality managed QA testing services allow you to focus on your core business goals. We take on long-term QA transformation assignments that help you reduce QA costs without compromising on quality and speed.
Meet your business needs faster without compromising on quality and speed.
With our comprehensive management packages, we cover all of your testing needs while seamlessly integrating with your business processes. We also ensure that all of our testing activities are completely transparent and closely aligned to your business’s objectives. This means that you gain access to our highly reliable teams, QA best practices, and unrivaled flexible integration, all while optimizing your QA costs.

ad-hoc testing

When all you need is a one-off QA assessment, Saguna Consulting has you covered. Our project-based testing services offer unmatched flexibility with the ability to develop into a long-term relationship.
Stop worrying about technicalities and project admin. We've got you covered.
To help you find the most suitable solution for your needs, Saguna Consulting will help you work out the scope, terms and deliverables for the project. This means that we take care of all the technical details and project administration for you.

test automation

Through the combination of QA best practices and AI, Saguna Consulting can automate your testing workflows, helping you save time and money with accelerated processes and enhanced overall productivity.
Faster time to market. Increased testing efficiency. Enhanced user experience. That's test automation done right.
Offering quality assurance automation for web, desktop, and mobile software, Saguna Consulting’s testing automation services can help widen your testing capabilities without additional hiring, eliminate human errors, and identify errors in software immediately.

documentation services

Saguna Consulting’s documentation services ensure that your software’s documentation is both developer and end user friendly. Using our established workflow and working closely with your business, we can create and maintain comprehensive, technical documentation for your software.
Establish efficient workflows and quality standards for your teams and end users.
By working closely with your business, our experienced team will help you consolidate information to maximize onboarding efficiency, simplify your software’s administrative processes, and reinforce your business’s identity. The end result of our documentation services is deliverable content that is structured, well-designed, and user-friendly.

dedicated QA teams

Reduce overhead and deliver top-quality software with a dedicated QA team.
For businesses that require longer term relationships, Saguna Consulting offers dedicated quality assurance teams that can assist you in meeting your business’s core testing objectives. Gain a competitive edge in your industry with our quick team deployment, seamless team integration, smart scalability, and adherence to leading QA practices.
Do you want to improve your testing process? Let us know what challenges you're facing.
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